Code of Conduct

TASMA is a volunteer organization of amateur radio operators whose goal is to minimize interference and maximize spectrum usage in the bands we serve. This is done primarily by recommending frequencies for repeater operation and the development of band plans. TASMA is an organization for the entire amateur community. Membership is open to any licensed amateur with privileges on any band we serve.

In order to further our goals and to be fair to all, we insist that members, volunteers and guests follow a code of conduct. The code of conduct is designed to minimize conflict and to keep relations between members respectful and considerate.

  • We do not tolerate personal attacks, racism, sexism or any other form of discrimination. Disagreement is inevitable from time to time but respecting the views of others will go a long way in winning respect for your own view. We expect that all interactions between us will be civil and respectful.
  • TASMA will keep private coordination information confidential and will follow TASMA information dissemination policies as prescribed by the Board.
  • TASMA will strive to be transparent in our dealings with the amateur community.
  • TASMA will stay free of conflicts of interest and will recuse themselves from any matter in which a significant conflict of interest exists.
  • Members, volunteers and guests will deal with each other in a honest manner and will act with integrity. We do not tolerate the deliberate misinforming or misleading of information being exchanged.
  • Members, volunteers and guests should always act in a manner that is in the best interest of the amateur community and our members.
  • Members, volunteers and guests agree not to make any audio and/or video recording of any TASMA meeting without the expressed written permission of the Board.

Failure of a member or guest to adhere to the code of conduct may lead to TASMA refusing to do business with that member. Failure of a TASMA volunteer to adhere to the code may result in the loss of their position at TASMA.

Adopted: August 2012 General Meeting
Modified: November 2020