We need a few good people!

♦ Enjoy Ham Radio?

♦ Having fun with the local repeater systems?

♦ Have a desire to give something back to the hobby?

Consider joining  the TASMA Technical Committee!!  

  • An understanding of how a repeater works and some technical background a big plus.
  • Short of technical knowledge, but wanting to learn? Join a group of people on the technical committee who are willing to share a lot of knowledge and experience.
  • The Tasma Technical Committee meets 4 times a year and has some Skype calls in between meetings. Some “homework” involved – plots, studies, etc. (we teach you how).

If you have the desire and a bit of time to give, consider joining us and helping out the rest of the Amateur community on Two Meters.


How to volunteer on the Technical Committee member?
1. Download an application
2. E-mail the application to the Technical Committee chairman.