Proposed 2m Band Plan Changes

(Updated 9/10/14: Changes in red below.)

The TASMA Technical Committee is proposing some minor changes in the two meter band plan.  These changes are being proposed in an effort to adjust the band plan to current usage patterns and to maximize frequencies available in all of Southern California.

TASMA has been observing and receiving reports of dramatic increases in the use of simplex frequencies as public inputs to repeaters and continuously linked auxiliary stations. Under current FCC and ARRL definitions for this type of activity, the simplex frequency, once tied into a repeater, becomes a part of the entire repeater operation and some of this activity is being done in portions of the spectrum where it violates FCC rules.

In an effort to better follow the frequency usages outlined in 97.201(b) and 97.205(b), TASMA feels that reclassifying some of the simplex frequency usages will allow for better frequency utilization in the region while better aligning usage with Part 97 rules.

Auxiliary use prohibited: 144.0-144.5 MHz, 145.8-146.0 MHz (Part 97.201(b))
Repeater use prohibited: 144.0-144.5 MHz, 145.5-146.0 MHz  (Part 97.205(b))

The proposal includes reclassifying 4 of the previously designated “packet frequencies” into voice simplex frequencies with a 15khz step for creation of 5 frequencies.  TASMA also proposes reclassifying 2 current simplex frequencies for use for auxiliary stations and adding an additional frequency for cross band repeating per rules above.

The net result is a gain of one new simplex frequency, a gain of three frequencies for auxiliary stations, and an additional frequency for cross band repeating.

TASMA encourages constructive commentary on these proposed changes.  Please send your comments to  Please be detailed as possible in your comments.

(Update 9/10/14:) Thank you for those amateurs who have given constructive comments on the first proposed band plan changes and auxiliary station guidelines.  The technical committee has made minor revisions from your feedback to the proposal and created revision 2 which can be viewed here.  Changes to the band plan summary are marked in red from the current band plan.

Thank you,
The TASMA Technical Committee