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Technical Committee Meeting Notice
Saturday, March 22, 2003 - 9:00AM. to 12 Noon
Norman P. Murray Community & Senior Center, Room #2
24932 Veterans Way
Mission Viejo, CA 92692


Technical Committee Attendees:
Andy Ormonde
Alex Groza
John Austin
David Tello
Scott Press
Howard Brown
Matt Lechliter
Joe Macera
Ex Officio Member

Guest Attendees:
Casey Jones
John De Gennarno
David Estrada
Dennis Juniper
Dana Wood
David Ditlow
Steve Mankowski
Miguel Ramirez
James Riccio
Kim Seligman
Larry Anderson
Baltasar Cervantes
Rogerio V Gutierrez
Jason Knight
Fred Ziegler
Glen Montenero
Enrique Gonzalez

  1. Prior Notification:
    All Amateurs who had scheduled business before the technical committee were notified of the meeting by e-mail or normal postal service mail.
  2. Quorum:
    The Technical Committee Chairman called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM followed by the introduction of members and guests. It was determined that a quorum was present so the TC could conduct business.
  3. Order of Business:
    The order of topics shown in the meeting agenda (see appendix A) was adjusted to allow for the later arrival of the TASMA Chairman.
  4. Minutes:
    Alex (WB6DTR) read the Minutes of the last Technical Committee (January 25, 2003). Scott (N6SAP) offered a motion to approve the minutes that was seconded by John (K6RLV), and was approved (7-0-0).
  5. Continued Business from Previous TC Meetings:
    1. NH2R (145.440-) Palomar MTN - AD6XK interference claim against NH2R
      The Technical Committee agreed that the corner reflector solution that NH2R has implemented at his Palomar Mountain location, together with a transmitter power reduction, completely solves the interference claim raised by AD6XK except for those locations immediately under Sunset Ridge where AD6XK’s users are shadowed from his repeater but line of sight to the NH2R repeater. Therefore the Technical Committee deemed the interference claim resolved and approved The following changes to the two approved final coordinations:
      1. AD6XK is authorized to increase his maximum power from the current 25 watts to 50 watts with all other coordination parameters remaining unchanged, and
      2. The NH2R coordination is amended as follows:
        1. CTCSS tone of 186.2
        2. Corner reflector transmit antenna directed south and/or southwest from Palomar shall be used,
        3. Maximum power to the antenna of 10 watts,
        4. Maximum peak deviation of 4.2 kHz, and
        5. No linking to or from input or output frequencies of this repeater without proper TASMA (or other applicable coordinating entity) coordination.
    2. No co-channel interference claims are to be brought against the AD6XK repeater as long as AD6XK’s repeater operates within the TASMA authorized parameters. The motion to approve the above decisions was approved (6-0-1) with Andy Ormonde abstaining.

    3. N6SAP (147.435/146.400) Contractor’s Point - Complaint against AA6RJ
      This Complaint was withdrawn by Scott Press (N6SAP)
    4. N6NHP (146.025+) San Clemente - Interference Claim from WB6ZTY
      This Complaint was withdrawn by Mark West (W6MW), President of Cresenta Valley Radio Club)

  6. Request for Coordination (RFC) Updates:
    1. AC6CA (146.025+) San Clemente - Change of Trustee and change of call sign to K6SOA
      A Motion was made by Scott Press (N6SAP) to accept the change of trustee and call sign change, seconded by Dave (KC6ZQR) and approved (6-0-1) with Howard Brown abstaining.
    2. W6IER (145.460-) Sunset Ridge - Change of Trustee
      A motion was made by Howard (KG6GI) to accept the change of trustee from Joe Macera (KG6ECQ) to Dennis Juniper (N7DDU), seconded by Matt (W6KGB) and approved (7-0-0).
    3. KD6HDX (146.700-) Sunset Ridge - Repeater back in operation
      An RFC updating the location of the repeater (to a different building on the same site) was received.
      A motion was made to accept these changes was made by Scott (N6SAP), seconded by John (K6RLV) and approved (7-0-0)
    4. KD6LDO (147.030+) Bel Air - Updated operational parameters
      This was tabled to the next TC meeting, to verify parameters.
    5. KC6CIG (145.240-) Sherman Oaks - Change of ownership of NK6S repeater.
      This was tabled to the next TC meeting, to verify parameters and wait for an updated RFC.
    6. N6SAP (147.435/146.400) Contractor’s Point - Change of operational parameters
      Scott (N6SAP) advised TASMA that he has replaced his repeater and power amplifier at this site and increased the power output slightly.
      A motion was made by Howard (KG6GI) to accept the updated RFC, seconded by Andy (KB6OPR) and approved (7-0-0)
    7. KD6QLT (146.160+) Palm Springs - Update operational parameters, request for final coordination
      Observing that this repeater had completed it’s test coordination period without complaints, a motion was made by Matt (W6KGB) to issue a final coordination, seconded by John (K6RLV) and approved (7-0-0).
  7. New RFCs:
    1. KG6BBH (146.925-) Bakersfield.
      This is a new application for a repeater.
      A motion was made by Matt (K6KGB) to issue a test coordination for four (4) months, and notices to be sent to adjacent and co-channel repeaters owners/operators, seconded by Howard (KG6GI) and approved (7-0-0)
    2. W6IER (145.460-) Sunset Ridge - Inland Empire Amateur Radio Club.
      This RFC was for approval of a new W6IER repeater on Sunset Ridge and concurrent de-coordination of W6IER repeater in Ontario. As this is on one of the frequencies shared with Mexico, careful signal measurements will be required throughout the year. Alex (WB6DTR) accepted responsibility to evaluate signals south of the border.

      A motion was made by Howard (KG6GI) to issue test coordination for nine (9) months, commencing after final de-coordination is issued for the IEARC low-level repeater in Ontario. The motion was seconded by Scott (N6SAP) and approved (5-0-2) with Andy Ormonde (KB6OPR) and Joe Macera (KG6ECQ) abstaining.

    3. W6LAR (145.360-) Redlands
      W6LAR withdrew his RFC for 147.975 MHz, and filed a new RFC for 147.180 MHz, all other parameters remaining unchanged.

      Howard made the motion to issue test coordination for nine (9) months, seconded by Matt (K6KGB) and approved (7-0-0).

  8. Interference Complaints:
    1. KD6HDX (146.700-) Sunset Ridge – Interference claim by KD6HDX against (KA6AMR) 146.085
      This item was tabled to the next TC meeting for Dave (KD6HDX) to make changes to his receiver to see if, by adding the narrow band modification kit, the interference will be remedied.

    2. W6LAR (147.975-) Redlands – Interference claim by W6LAR against WD6DPY
      This complaint was withdrawn by Larry (W6LAR)
  9. Other Business:
    1. W6KGB (146.730-) Ventura County - Review of incomplete/insufficient paperwork of final Coordination
      A review past minutes revealed that Matt (W6KGB) had never received a letter of Final Coordination, upon his successful completion of the test coordination period (ref: Minutes of the TC meeting of 1/2/2002 Item #6
    2. KN6KM (147.210+) Mt Otay - Nicholas Di Pinto, Operating out of coordinated parameters
      This agenda item was tabled to the next TC meeting pending repairs of this off the air repeater.
  10. New Business
    Review of the Technical Committees findings of verification of all repeaters in the TASMA database.
  11. Adjournment
    The meeting was adjourned at 12:05.

Submitted by:
Andrew Ormonde, KB6OPR
2003 TASMA TC Secretary.

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